Some New Media For You All

Hey, friends!

First, here’s a family photo for you all 🙂

The Simonds Family, Nov. 2019

Yes, my 1st child is now much taller than me at age 12!

Second, I’ve been recording videos about once a week entitled “Coffee with Brenna” where I share a 5-15 minute word of encouragement. Please go to my YouTube channel and subscribe. There’s even a song I sang with the choir last weekend!

Third, I realized since I let go of an old domain, many of my songs are not posted anywhere. I put my 2001 “album” (recording on a minidisc player in the front row of a concert I gave – how’s that for dating myself?) Alive & Radical up there. You can see that here:

I posted other songs as well.

I am working on several writing projects that have me busy, but I miss writing here for you all! Have a listen to some videos, including my most recent video “God With Us!”

Brenna Kate Simonds on the Pure Passion TV Show

In April of 2012, I had the opportunity to share my story of same-sex attraction with the crew of the TV show, Pure Passion. It aired this past Saturday, July 6th, and you can watch it here*:

Brenna Simonds – Choosing Christ Over Homosexual Confusion from Pure Passion on Vimeo.

Perhaps you found my site through watching this show. If so, welcome!

I mention in the interview a book entitled Learning to Walk in Freedom that we studied at Alive in Christ. This book will be available by the end of summer. Check back for updates!

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*I just discovered the network aired the wrong episode Saturday. Well, welcome anyway! People are finding it somehow 🙂