To inquire about booking Brenna Kate Simonds for your event, please email unveiledfacespress @ gmail dot com, or contact her through her Facebook page.


Here are some samples of Brenna Kate’s teachings:

Real Love: Finding Our Identity in Christ

This sermon was shared in July of 2019 at Christ Community Church: how to love well the LGBTQ-identified people in your life.

The Power of the Mind
Word of Life, Ashburn Virginia


Brenna’s appearance on the “Pure Passion” show:

Also available in Farsi and Spanish

Just As I Am, documentary
Filmmaker Carolyn Polansky (Nelson) wrote, produced, directed, and
edited “Just As I Am.” This short documentary explores the
intersection of religion and sexuality. The story is told through the
eyes of two individuals (Brenna Kate Simonds being one of them) who
have taken radically different routes toward reconciling their sexual
identities within Christianity.

“Just As I Am” won the Take Action Hollywood! award in 2009 and
screened in the 2009 Boston LGBT Film Festival. You can watch the
documentary in its entirety below.