A New Series: Breaking Up with Food

Tomorrow, I try once again for the thousandth or ten thousandth time to try and develop a healthy relationship with food – to “break up” with the hold food has on my life, in my thoughts, and on my body.

I’ve been reading through old journals lately. I started doing this a few weeks ago, looking for something very specific. I felt God brought to mind a certain scripture verse that I was just positive was mentioned at a conference my then-boyfriend and I attended 20 ½ years ago. I asked my now husband if he remembered, but he simply replied, “Sounds about right.”

And I was right. At that conference, a Scripture was mentioned. I’ll talk about this Scripture later. But it’s not really a common Scripture. The “strange” thing is my pastor mentioned it today – in church! That’s when you know God is trying to get your attention.

I know you want to know what the Scripture is, and I promise I’ll share – later. I’m trying to get to the point of the story here!

First off – I can be quite organized when I want to! You wouldn’t know it by looking at my office, but I found that journal, in the garage, in a box marked “Journals.” I found not only the journal I was looking for but a bunch I’m not sure I wanted to see.

Second off – I am DEFINITELY not where I was. Having had an eating disorder from 1988/1989 into 2002, I’m so grateful for all God has done.

Third off – I’m not where I want to be and more importantly where God wants me to be.

I won’t make this post any longer. I plan to write (almost) daily (probably not Sunday) about what I’m learning while breaking up with food. If you want to join me on this journey, subscribe below. No spam – just my posts in your inbox 🙂


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