Monday Morning Meditation: God Always Wins

We are finishing the series on Psalm 71. I encourage you to read the whole psalm here and reflect on all we’ve considered thus far.

Today’s verses are 23-24:

I will shout for joy and sing your praises,
for you have redeemed me.
I will tell about your righteous deeds all day long,
for everyone who tried to hurt me
has been shamed and humiliated.

It’s interesting to note how much David talks about his enemies throughout this psalm.  He had real, tangible enemies, nations that sought to do him and Israel harm.  He even had people within his friends and family who conspired against him.
Our enemies today are often much less tangible.  Yet we can praise God because we know our #1 enemy stands condemned.  We can sing His praises because He has redeemed us from the power of sin and death.  
We can even praise Him because He is just.  I’m so thankful that justice is not in my hands!  David had a deep sense of justice, knowing that despite how things might appear, God always wins in the end.
God winning doesn’t mean things always turn out how we want them to.  It simply means that because of His goodness and the good things He desires for us, He will be victorious to the end.
Is there a situation in your life today where it feels as if you are losing?  Choose praise.  Shout for joy! Sing God’s praises!  Tell about His righteous deeds all day long.
Because God always wins.

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