To What Extent Should We Try to Alleviate Personal Suffering?

If the Bible says that as a Christian, we will experience suffering, to what extent should we try to alleviate suffering? Should we simply accept that suffering is a part of life and live with it? Or should we be proactive and take steps to “solve” that suffering?

I always tend to run from suffering, to do everything in my power to change it. I can now look back and see how much I’ve learned during those times, and I wouldn’t change what I experienced, but during those times, I seem to fight & fret & doubt & struggle. I’m not sure that’s God’s intention. Maybe it’s His intention that I snuggle up against Him and allow Him to hold me & sustain me during those times.

Just thinking out loud…

2 thoughts on “To What Extent Should We Try to Alleviate Personal Suffering?

  1. In my experience I think it is of course dependent on the situation, maturity, selfless sacrifice or a fight … or running straight for Him and hiding in the shadow of His wings.

    It’s interesting the times when I remember to seek Him first, it seems He is always quick to let me know when to run to Him … or take a stand. Even when I don’t want to, sometimes I just know He wants me too. Those times have been as much or more intimate.

    Thanks for letting me think out loud with you.

  2. I sometimes wonder if I didn’t go through what I did, would I really know the Lord in the way I do today? Probably not.

    I don’t think that pain and suffering ever has been God’s intention for us but I do think that since we are living in a broken and fallen world pain and suffering exists and sometimes it’s beyond our control.

    One thing I know is that walking through pain and suffering often times developes our faith, character, and gifting.

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