Internet in & out

There was a power outage yesterday, so the internet hasn’t been working very well. There’s not much to update on yesterday. It was Freedom Friday, and we had no scheduled activities, so we hung out in Asheville for a while. I ate at Earth Fare, and most everyone else ate at Sonic 🙂 Not only did I find some healthy, filling food at Earth Fare, I found gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free donuts! They are made by Kinnikinnick, and oh my goodness, they are so good.

Though Ridgecrest has been very helpful at making me special meals, I’m hungry all the time.
I realized yesterday that it’s because most of my meals have almost no fat. Lunch & dinner is always steamed or boiled meat with potatoes or rice & a steamed veggie. At home I’d put olive oil or something like that on it, but here I don’t have access to any oils. So yesterday, I ate a bunch of Bear’s avocado 🙂

So off to lunch, and then the Assemblies of God Special Interest Group is this afternoon.

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