Why Does God Let Babies Die?

That’s the question I asked Roy today. A woman on a message board I frequent lost her baby today. He was born not breathing, with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. He was revived temporarily, but went to be with Jesus last night. I had been praying for her little baby, for his complete healing, & for her family since she went into labor.

The family seems to be holding up as well as could be expected. They have 2 young daughters. Pray for them.

I look at my beautiful son, and my heart breaks to imagine life without him. It gives me a glimpse into the father heart of God, who spared no expense in sending His only son to suffer & die a horrific death.

Roy responded, “Why does God let anyone die?” Good question. There are no easy answers. The fact is we will all die someday. No one is exempt. Does it seem cruel & unfair to me that a sweet little baby boy should have to go to Jesus so soon? Yes. But at least he is not suffering anymore. For now, their little baby boy has received his complete healing and is resting in God’s arms.

Less than 7 months after this, I lost a child to miscarriage. I wrote an article about that experience: Bye, Bye, Pebble Baby

2 thoughts on “Why Does God Let Babies Die?

  1. My pastor repeated an interesting analogy of death on Sunday. He said, death is like when your old beater VW bug runs down on the side of the road…. Then someone drives up in a Mercedes Benz and asks if you need a ride. When you get in, they tell you “This is YOUR car now.” 🙂

    Or course this analogy is more palatable when you are thinking of someone dying of old age. Not so much a child.

  2. Losing someone we love, especially an innocent, precious child, can, of course, be unbearably painful. But the pain is for those of us here on earth; those of us who miss the lost one so much. As for the child, we can consider how blessed they are to have avoided much of the pain, suffering, sin, and general evil that is in this world. They got to skip most of the trials and temptations, and go right on to be with our wonderful Lord. Knowing this probably won’t get rid of the pain and loss that those left behind feel, but perhaps it can give some comfort.

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