Stuff, Stuff & More Stuff

Much has happened since my last post.

We had a great trip down south to see family. It was a looooong drive, and not one I’d like to do again in the near future, especially with a baby & a dog!

A couple of days after we returned, I found out my beloved grandmother had a fall and had not woken up. She was 95. After 11 days on hospice care, with just oxygen, she passed away on Friday, 39 years to the day after her husband died. She was an amazing women! A mom, wife, pianist, organist, composer, and wonderful grand and great grandmother.

It’s snowing again. Trees have been knocked down, and people quite close to us have lost power. I’m planning on laying low, doing some cooking, hanging out with Baby Bear. I’m finally cooking a turkey I had in my freezer for a month & a half. This should be interesting as I’ve never cooked a turkey! I may also attempt an apple crisp.

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