A quote from "Anonymous"

“Seasonally, we too are stripped of visible fruit. Our giftings are hidden; our abilities are underestimated. When previous successes fade and current efforts falter, we can easily mistake our fruitlessness for failure.”

Anonymous, Alicia Britt Chole

This book was given to me by Chi Alpha Boston as a gift. I’m getting so much out of it that I thought I’d share it with you all šŸ™‚


If you hadn’t guess by my last post, I’m reading through Galatians in the Life Recovery Bible, which is a version of the New Living Translation. I’m getting a lot out of it šŸ™‚

But oh, my dear children! I feel as if Iā€™m going through labor pains for you again, and they will continue until Christ is fully developed in your lives.” chapter 4, verse 19

How often I have felt this way in my life & relationships with other believers – the desire to see people grow into and walk in all God has for them. God calls us to freedom, but living out that freedom is both a daily decision and a process.

We’re Back :)

We’re back from our jaunt all around New England & New York; actually, we’ve been back a week. My grandmother’s service was really nice. I managed to sing “Precious Lord” without choking up. My sister sang, a friend of Grammy’s sang, and my brother-in-law played Brahms, as well as several of Grammy’s compositions on the piano. We then went to the cemetary & had a few brief words there, as well as an a capella version of “Angel Band”, led by my dad. I got to see several of my mom’s siblings, so that was nice.

The next day, we then drove to Vermont to see my grandmother’s sister, who is almost 99. She is legally deaf & has been as long as I can remember. In order for her to hear you speaking, you basically need to speak very loudly & annunciate clearly. But when my brother-in-law played some of Grammy’s compositions on the piano, she seemed to be able to easily hear them & was even humming along.

We stayed overnight in a hotel & then saw my aunt again in the morning. We then headed 50 miles east to NH, to see my grandfather’s younger brother & his wife, as well as their son, his 2nd wife, & their son’s son. We went out to lunch & then went on our way back to Boston. Roy went & picked up Noodles that evening; he had been well cared for by the in-laws šŸ™‚

Bear did very well in the car. I was very proud of him. And it was great to see all my family.

Now I’m preparing to speak on Mother’s Day at my church. I’m quite excited about it.